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How to Follow God’s Will | Study Guide


You have found God’s will for your life – now what? What if you learned that following His will can be as easy as following your heart’s desires? Discover how in this enlightening message.

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Have you ever wondered what God’s will is for your life or what your purpose is? If you’ve found yourself thinking There’s got to be more to life than this, you’re not alone. These thoughts nag many Christians. Andrew has also been there, and he can help!

Andrew has developed the How to Find, Follow, and Fulfill God’s Will series of teachings from both Scripture and personal experience to help you find and follow God’s will for you. What has worked for him, and thousands of others, will work for you!

The second in the How to Find, Follow, and Fulfill God’s Will series, Andrew’s How to Follow God’s Will teaching will help you:
• Discover that it’s never too late to follow God’s will for your life.
• Realize that you can’t follow God’s will in your own strength.
• Receive practical principles and steps for following God’s will.
• Learn the different ways God leads His children.
• Understand the relationship between obedience to God and the desires of your heart.

You don’t have to wander through life wondering where to go. You can follow God’s master plan for you. Learn how when you get this enlightening teaching today!


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