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Grace: The Power of the Gospel


Andrew covers much of the book of Romans and shares about the Old Testament and the impact the law has on Christians. Most Christians still believe their performance affects how God sees them. We don’t have to perform to be loved or experience the goodness of God. The gospel is the power of God that sets people free.

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Recent surveys indicate that the vast majority of Christians, those claiming to be born-again, believe that their salvation is at least in part dependent upon their behavior and actions. Yes, they believe Jesus died for their sin, but once they accept Him as their Savior they believe they must still meet a certain standard to be good enough.

If that is true, then what is that standard and how do you know when you have met it? The Church has tried to answer these questions for centuries and it always results in religious and legalistic bondage.

So what is the answer? It begins by asking the right question. It is not, „What must we do?“ but rather, „What did Jesus do“? By understanding the Apostle Paul’s revelation of what Jesus did from the book of Romans, you will never again wonder if you’re meeting the Standard.


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