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How to Become a Water Walker | Study Guide


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It wasn’t just fate or luck that enabled Peter to walk on the water while the other apostles stayed in the boat. Why do some people experience miracles while others do not? A fatalistic philosophy will tell you that miracles only happen if God wills them—but if you believe this, it will really kill your faith!

If you want to see miracles in your life, the first thing you’ll need to do is „get out of the boat“! Andrew shares many of the faith lessons he has learned from God’s Word about walking in the miraculous. If you will receive these truths, you can walk on water too.

In this vital message, learn how faith will . . .
– Teach you how to receive the miraculous from God
– Encounter and take hold of your authority in Christ
– Experience God’s deliverance from the storms of life
– Help you look to God for solutions to achieve success
– Decrease your unbelief to follow God’s direction and purpose



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