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Praises! Ericom staff got their pay when there was not enough money available. It came in at the last minute. Praise God on high. Thank you for praying.

D.K from Mash, Zimbabwe

A heartfelt thanks for all your free teachings. May God bless you mightly!

A.D from Utter Pradesh, India

I was just so blessed by the teaching on success I decided to give a gift on behalf of our church above my usual giving amount. Within fifteen minutes, someone gave us a huge gift in return. Praise the Lord for some instant returns!

B.C from Essex, United Kingdom

I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit!

W.M from Lincoln County, Co, Usa

Ian and I would like to thank you for your telephone call to us this morning. Rani from the AWME help line thanked us for our continued support and then asked if we would like prayer. I shared briefly with her of our situation here in Menorca and the prayer that followed was like streams in the desert as the two of us here continue alone to share God’s love and gospel of peace in this place. What a timely word of great encouragement especially as only this morning I had been praying for other people to pray with and to fellowship with. Thank you so very much for your care and concern.

D.H from Menorca, Spain

Dear Andrew and Jamie,
Thank you to both of you. We are really blessed for your faithfulness to the ministry that God has given you both. All glory be to God. I am so grateful to God in all the ways he has encouraged me through your teachings which are clear and simple.
God bless you my brother.

G.S from Herts, Uk

Hello, I have asked for prayer regarding my job at the university where I worked for 11 years. They didn’t renew my contract this year for no reason. I want to praise God because my contract got renewed again in a miraculous way. I want to give all glory and honor to God. I believe that God is going to restore everything the enemy has stole. Thank you for your prayer support.

S.P from , Oman